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We have volunteers of all ages

Big John and everything he owns

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Welcome to the Greensboro Burrito Bikers Wiki Page. Each weekend we feed some of Greensboro's homeless citizens and let them know that people care about them, giving them hope and support. We began our work here in Greensboro in November 2009 and have been every weekend since. What started with a single bike rider has now evolved into a number of volunteers who are making a difference, both to those we serve and to ourselves.

We meet at Center City Park, on the sidewalk on the Friendly Ave side, at the Davie St. corner, at 8:00 each Saturday morning. There is ample on-street parking right there on Friendly. If it's raining, meet in the parking deck across the street (other corner of Friendly and Davie). You can park in the deck for no charge.

We usually provide a main breakfast item (usually burritos but can be something else, like sausage biscuits), bottled waters, and hot coffee. Keeping the project simple has allowed us to continue every weekend, since November 2009, without a single miss. Donut World also generously donates a large box of doughnuts each week. (Or on some weekends, we might just have doughnuts, water, and coffee. The fellowship is more important that what food is served)

Some volunteers cook and then take and hand out themselves, while others share in the project by cooking for others to deliver. Either is greatly appreciated and is a huge help. We usually make our burritos on Friday evenings, but they can be made in advance, frozen, then thawed on Friday and heated Saturday morning. Some people make "full" batches of 60, but even making a 1/2 batch of 30 is a huge help, and that seems to be a more manageable number for many people.

If you can help, you can sign up directly below by hitting the EDIT tab at the top right of this page, enter your name and what you will bring in the boxes below, and then hit the SAVE button which will show up on the top right.

If you're bringing anything, plan to be at Center City Park at 8:00. We are usually out of the Park by `~8:30, but you can of course leave whenever you want.

  • Short professional video done on my brother Tommy's project in Charlotte, really conveying the spirit of what we do, whether you go out to deliver or not. I really encourage everyone to watch this.

We'd love to have people who want to help on a regular basis to sign up below, for a particular Saturday of the month, to bring either a full (60) or half (30) amount. Burritos or something else. Cherie and I will always fill in any empty gaps, so I usually don't put our name in the below, until the last minute - but we are always prepared to cook and serve.

Preferable to have burritos with doughnuts as an "extra" item, but it's also fine if we just have doughnuts and coffee/water. Ideally we want to make sure we have something to give out. But the camaraderie, care, and compassion, with smiling faces, is most important.

Food (Burritos or other items)
(please indicate how many you will bring -
our goal is 50-60/wk.

Any number is a help - 10, 20, 30, etc)
(pick up
at Donut
World Thurs
or Fri night
at closing)
Bottled Waters
(goal is to have
about 48 if someone
is bringing coffee. If
no coffee, then 60+
(I can provide
all items needed - percolator,
filters, coffee, creamer,
sugar, cups, and spigoted

Center UMC-70
Center UMC

next step SS class (CUMC) burritos and some biscuits


Center UMC-70 burritos
Center UMC



Cassie and Alexis


Center UMC

Center UMC


Cassie and Alexis



Cassie and Alexis



Cassie and Alexis

Questions? Want to get involved? You can contact me at